Introducing XOXOBOT

Making connected homes and offices self-operating by adding artificial intelligence to them

XOXOBOT turns your ordinary home into a Smart Home imbued with Artificial Intelligence. Your home becomes like an intelligent robot that can sense what is happening around and be controlled from anywhere using the XOXOBOT App on your mobile.

What is special about a XOXOBOT Home?

A XOXOBOT Home is your ordinary home come alive.

Like a living being, it can SEE, HEAR and SENSE what is happening around.
It is INTELLIGENT. So it knows who or what it is seeing. It can even detect the emotional mood of the person it sees.
Similarly, it can differentiate between who or what it is hearing. It can understand HUMAN SPEECH … and it can speak HUMAN LANGUAGE.
It can also do a lot of other things. It can open doors for you. It looks after the safety of your house and constantly monitor what is happening. So if anything goes wrong, it immediately alerts you – no matter where you are.
It is also like an efficient BUTLER. No matter where you are, you can always tell it to operate any electrical device in your house, like switching on/off the lights, ACs, etc. In fact, on its own, it can switch off lights, fans and ACs if there is nobody inside a room, or switch on the lights at night if somebody walks into a room.
Like a child growing up, it LEARNS about your habits and preferences and should you want it, it can automatically set up your room’s lighting and temperature to your liking the moment you walk into a room.

In short, your XOXOBOT Home behaves almost like a human being.


A XOXOBOT Home works through a combination of XOXO Devices and the XOXOBOT Mobile App.

The mobile app offers a suite of services, which can be activated with the appropriate XOXO devices.
The free XOXOBOT App is available for download at the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Additional premium value-added services are available with optional in-app subscriptions.
XOXO Devices are available for sale at the online XOXO Store.

XOXOBOT Services

Access Management

UNLOCK doors using your smart phone from anywhere in the world

CONTROL who can enter your home from anywhere in the world.

SHARE digital access with anyone on a temporary, recurrent or permanent basis from your mobile.

Every access is LOGGED, so you can see who entered your home and when.

Security & Surveillance

PERIMETER PROTECTION: Be alerted on your mobile the moment a door/window is opened in your house

HAZARD PROTECTION: Be alerted when a fire/smoke is detected in your house. … or a gas leak … or water leakage.

VIDEO MONITORING: Monitor your kids, maid or pets from anywhere on your mobile.

Device Automation

CONTROL: Turn on/off different electrical appliances using your mobile from anywhere

MONITOR: Check and control the energy usage of different electrical appliances in your house.

RULE BASED AUTOMATION: Automate the running of electrical appliances/devices based on rules you set.

Digital Assistance

VOICE AUTOMATE: Hear and be alerted about your mails, news, activity plans, schedules, etc.

SCHEDULE TASKS: Book your tickets or schedule appointments with your voice.

KIDS MENTOR: Let your kids be entertained with spoken stories, jokes or information that they want to know.

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